Ways to Be Well This Season 

The summer heat wears off, and the winds of Fall arrive often swiftly. The leaves that were just exuberant and bright are now brown and fallen. It can be a somber time for many, as this season bears lots of releasing and letting go energies. When an emotional or overwhelming moment hits, give space to reflect and express. I turn the given e-motion (energy-in-motion) into a journal entry, a walk outdoors, or a focused physical practice. Other times I use self soothing self-hugs or hands resting on my heart.

With this particular season’s turbulence, a self-care routine is necessary! Employ one that uplifts and reminds you of the joy and awe of living.  Wellbeing for your whole Soma, greek word for ‘living body’, which encompasses your felt-sense of mind, body and spirit.

According to Ayurveda, we are in Vata season here in the Midwest! Ayurveda, which translates to knowledge of life, is often dubbed the sister science of Yoga. Ayur = life as universal power, and Veda = encompassing knowledge. Ayurveda is supportive when coupled with the practices of Yoga. It creates the conditions where self-realization can happen!

Vata season has the qualities of light, subtle, dry, mobile, rough and cold. In Ayurveda there is a universal law which states that ‘like’ increases ‘like’. When similar qualities come together, their expression increases. So, in the Fall season, which also has these attributes, Vata will tend to be increased in the human constitution. 

Build A Stable Fall Routine
You can pacify the qualities of Vata in the Fall season by introducing the opposite. Can you see how these activities would balance the qualities listed above?

  • Grounding + nourishing foods and beverages that are hot, heavy, dense, and oily
  • Rigorous, yet slow movement along with steady, even weight lifting 
  • Sleep and rest. Add 15-20 min naps or sensory deprivation (dark room) when needed. 
  • Conscious diaphragmatic slow nose breathing. Pause. Take a couple breaths right now. 
  • Self-oil massages and warm baths. Yes, please. 
  • Connect with a friend, one you can authentically reflect with to celebrate your fluid woes and wins. 

I make these daily and/or weekly practices and when I don’t, I catch myself slipping into mind states of overwhelm and anxiety. This stuff works! Learning and experimenting with Yoga + Ayurveda have unveiled so much curiosity and play to an otherwise mundane life. Committing to study and practice allows me to expand my perspective, and truly embrace the giving side of life. 

Written by: Alison Zuba, Yoga Therapist and Experienced Yoga Teacher, Somalive, LLC

References: The Textbook of Ayurveda Foundational Prinicples by Visant Lad

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