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“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life,
as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell

Guided by dedicated practice, we gain awareness and clear understanding of our true authentic self. Let’s tap into our natural being together with skill, care, and ease. 

Join Ali Zuba, a certified yoga therapist and experienced yoga teacher to learn and flow with accessible practices, subtle breathing techniques, and somatic awareness methods.

Below you will find current class schedules. Classes are held in person and/or online. Offerings include dynamic functional movement, slowing down to connect mind + body, and specific therapeutic application.

Slow Flow

Community Group Yoga Classes
These in person classes have a spot open for you to join! Contact me if you have questions.

Madison Goodman Community Center Slow Flow 5:00pm in person
Madison Main Street Yoga Center Slow Flow 6:30pm in person

Online Class FREE / BY DONATION 30 Minute Move, Breathe + Meditate 7:15am online
Online Class SomaYoga with Ali: Embrace + Embody 8:00am online
Fitchburg Community Center Yoga for All Levels 5:30pm in person

Verona Senior Center Slow Flow 10:00am in person

Oregon Wishing Tree Studio Slow Flow 5:00pm in person + online
Oregon Wishing Tree Studio SomaYoga Restore 6:15pm in person + online

Therapeutic SomaYoga

Somatics + Therapeutic Yoga
Take a deep dive into exploring new concepts and practices for pain relief.

Satsang Yoga Collective
SomaYoga Practice Online
Tuesday Mornings Live Weekly
Register here. First class is FREE!

Move, Breathe + Meditation 7:15 – 8:00am Central Time
Offered for FREE / by donation! This 30 min class is designed to help you find a comfortable meditation seat. Check out this sample class.

Embrace + Embody 8:00 – 9:00am Central Time
Start your morning with connection to your body and prepare for the day. We use the tools of breath and body-centric cues to focus our mind. SomaYoga increases sensory-motor awareness and challenges us to ‘wake up’ muscles that have gone offline. Check out this sample class.

SomaYoga Live
Fall Morning Practice (PRE-RECORDED)
Ground | Nourish | Reconnect
Access Recordings. Offered free + by donation.

Looking for updated practice offerings? Sign up for Somalive Wellbeing to receive updates.


Satsang Yoga Collective
Foundation | Transformation | Connection
Space held for community mind study + body practice sessions.
Join us for weekly online classes, workshops, and seasonal group sessions.

NEW PROGRAM! Into the Heart of Winter Satsang
5-Week Yamas + Niyamas Book Study
Part II Begins Sunday, February 12th
9:00am – 10:30am central
Registration closed.
Join a small group to study and practice in the warmth of community. We work with Pantanjali’s Yoga with specific reference to the Yamas + Niyamas. We experience settling the body and calming strategies for the mind + body in this season of transition.  Participants receive free online classes, and discounted access to unlimited live and recorded classes. Continuing Education (CE) credits available through Yoga Alliance.

Private Sessions

1:1 Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
Schedule a time to meet for a consultation or email me.

SomaYoga uses a physical movement methodology that includes three parts. Somatics helps free tight muscles that may be holding you back, depleting your energy, or causing you pain. Therapeutic Yoga is structured with invitations for you to find the ‘just right’ posture in the moment. Classic Asana is used to strengthen and reintegrate muscle groups that allow you to stand up in the face of challenge. Learn More.

Overall, as an educator, I want you to learn supportive practices, methods for releasing specific muscle groups, and experience more ease in your Soma. Suitable for all levels, no prior experience necessary. If you have been waiting to try yoga for wellbeing and you want compassionate and thoughtful guidance, consider this option for you.

Schedule time to meet using Calendly. Send a direct message to inquire about other services, dates or times. Thank you! Connect now to find the just right offering for you.


Connect Locally near Madison, WI, USA
Or Virtually Online.

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