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“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life,
as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell

Join together for small group workshops. Find the benefits of yoga by slowing down to practice mindful intentional movement in a kindly structured environment. Workshops are a perfect way to dedicate time to yourself. Let you mind, body and heart meet here. 

Therapeutic Yoga Focus

Why Practice Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic Yoga 3-Week Clinics at Verona Senior Center Starting Wednesday January 11th! 

Jan 11, 18, 25 Session 1: Hips, Legs, and Feet
Feb 8, 15, 22 Session 2: Core and Spine
Mar 1, 8, 15 Session 3: Shoulders, Neck, and Head

Session 1: Therapeutic Yoga for Hips, Legs, and Feet
Do you have trouble with balance? Are you tired of pain in your hips or feet? Register for this 3-week therapeutic yoga series to experience gentle movement techniques that will help you find balance and ease. 

Session 2: Therapeutic Yoga for Core and Spine
Do you struggle with scoliosis or spinal disc issues? Do you have persistent back pain or digestion issues? Register for this 3-week therapeutic yoga series to experience gentle techniques for finding smooth movement, and reconnecting with your core muscles. 

Session 3: Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders, Neck, and Head
Do you have nagging neck pain or headaches? Do your shoulders feel tight all the time? Register for this 3-week therapeutic yoga series to feel release from tension in the upper body. We will find gentle and slow movements to help you relieve head, neck and shoulder pain.

To Register:
A short intake form will be required, so that participants receive the right care for their needs during this multi-week series. Contact me with your interest to sign up!

Therapeutic Yoga 3-Week Clinics at Ease Yoga + Wellness Starting Sunday January 15th!

Jan 15, 22, 29 Session 1: Core, Hips, Legs, and Feet
Feb 26, Mar 5, 12 Session 2: Core, Shoulders, Neck, and Head 

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SomaYoga for Low Back Relief
Sunday, May 22 (past event)
10:00am – 12:00pm Central Time
Registration closed.

Learn the benefits of SomaYoga, a therapeutic yoga method that blends somatics with classic asana, with a specific focus on reducing pain in your low back. This workshop will offer a series of gentle movements to release tight muscles, and then we will explore classic yoga poses for added stability and strength. You will receive a take home sheet that will have a short sequence for you to practice at home, and you will have the recording to revisit the content again.This class will be primarily floor-based and chair accessible, no weight bearing on hands or knees. Suitable for all levels, ages, abilities, no prior yoga experience necessary.

Why attend?

  • You have persistent low back pain
  • You want to try new techniques to find relief
  • You desire movements that do not add strain 

Attendees will learn about and experience:  

  • How intentional movement can help release tight muscles
  • New embodied methods to help ease pain and sustain relief 
  • Somatic sensory-motor system for attuned muscular control 

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SomaYoga for Your Core to Pelvic Floor
Saturday, Apr 2
(past event)
11:00 – 12:30am Central Time
Registration closed.

This workshop will focus on developing awareness and voluntary control of your core muscles from diaphragm to pelvic floor. Somatic movements and yoga postures will be explored. The workshop will be a therapeutic exploration of your relationship to your core and pelvic floor muscles. 

Why attend?

  • You feel disconnected from core muscles, they feel weak or too tight
  • You experience discomfort in core and/or pelvic region 
  • You want to improve your sitting and standing posture 
  • You want to learn gentle techniques that are accessible and easy
  • You desire more awareness of your internal experience 

Attendees will learn about and experience:  

  • How posture affects core muscles and pelvic floor
  • Understand the connection between the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles 
  • Learn movements to support core stability and pelvic floor function 
  • Build awareness and voluntary control of muscles stabilizing muscles 
  • Leave with an improved sense of core and pelvic floor engagement and release

Somatics + Therapeutic Yoga
Saturday, Jan 22 (past event)
9:30 – 11:00am Central Time
Registration closed.

Somatics helps free tight muscles that may be holding you back, depleting your energy, or causing you pain. Therapeutic Yoga is structured with invitations for you to find the ‘just right’ posture in the moment. Gift yourself this space for release this month! Along with a practice, this workshop offers a brief talk on the benefits of Somatics and therapeutic yoga. 

Learn supportive practices, methods for releasing specific muscle groups, and experience more ease in your Soma (body, mind & spirit). Expect practice to be mostly floor and/or chair based as we increase awareness and efficient functional movement. Suitable for all levels, no prior experience necessary. And you will receive information on specific at home practices. 

If you have personal yoga props, bring them to use during the practice. Blankets, blocks, straps may be used to find better support in postures and will be made available to those that do not have them. Attend with a curious mind and ready to experience new and novel movement! 


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