Why Practice Therapeutic Yoga?

People choose therapeutic sessions for a variety of reasons:

  • Practicing for the first time/new to yoga
  • Building a personalized instruction plan
  • Seeking better functional movement and breathing techniques 
  • Recovering from injury, fatigue, surgery, grief
  • Learning skills on how to relax
  • Learning how to meditate
  • Gaining perspective on the life you want to live
  • Systematic approach to enhance your quality of living 
  • Chronic pain reduction and relief

Choose a class that is right for you! Current therapeutic offerings include online SomaYoga classes and in person Therapeutic Yoga series. Check my current teaching schedule.

Alison (Ali) Zuba offers inclusive and accessible yoga practices. She is an Certified Yoga Therapist with 10+ years of practice, teaching and training. She offers private sessions and small group yoga classes at local studios, community centers, and senior centers. Therapeutic sessions have a specific aim to reduce and relieve stress, tension, and pain.

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