SOMALIVE | Live Heart Center

Arrive Heart Center.

Embody | Bridge | Inquiry

May you receive this heart-centered invitation to inquire and explore into our multi-layered experience together.
Soma is a Greek word [for] ‘living body.’ This living, self-sensing, internalized perception of oneself is radically different from the externalized perception of what we call a ‘body’…” Thomas Hanna Somatics: Reawakening The Mind’s Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health

Become Heart Center.

Expression | Connection | Awareness

Here we work to understand our elemental nature and align with our essential self in order to remember where we are from and how to live within our given cycle. It involves working together with compassionate self-discipline, introspective study, and trust in the process. There is space to practice heart-centered choice right now.

Live Heart Center.

Consciousness | Community | Practice

Join a community that supports and encourages taking control of our own wellbeing. Now is the time to begin practice. We focus on functional movement, subtle breathing techniques, and neuro-muscular education methods. Come together to experience living in the truth of our whole authentic being.

Embrace this feeling of connection as your own SOMA centering in the heart of you.

Love Notes

Kriya (Action) Yoga for Spring

What do you hope to see in your Springtime garden in the yard or the garden of your mind? What clearing of weeds or distractions do you want to pick or kick? How will you know when you’re ‘In the Flow’ of Spring? Please be generous and compassionate here – your whole self is growing!…

Benefit with Somatics

SomaYoga is a therapeutic blend of Somatics Exercises and classic asana, or yoga postures. These movements can flow together well, supporting flexibility and strength building. As we learn to build better habits in our muscular structure by slowing down to pay attention, we can progress well toward our goals. In order to get maximum benefit…

Attending to the Kosha Layers

Chances are you’ve attended a yoga class and felt the impact on multiple layers of your being. Perhaps your body feels more spacious, your breath more connected, and your mind more focused. You may also sense a wise and discerning clarity, and end class in that ‘bliss-like’ state. Yoga practice offers a deep sense of attunement for…

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