3-Year Yoga Therapy Program Wrap Up

Yoga Therapy cohort poses at Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute in Duluth, MN

It feels like a complete circle, with a twist, to finish the 1000 hour yoga therapy training program at Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute. Anna and I began the 500 hour level I training Oct 2019, and we completed that training online separated by physical distance, yet still gratefully and easefully connected online. A cohort of 16 started the level II training online. Our full cohort came together in person Sept 2022 in Duluth, MN to tie a bow on our 5th module together.

This path to becoming a certified Yoga Therapist has been a 3 year journey, and thanks to the nature of our teachers and multi-talented cohort, a very supportive one. The dynamic group was an inspiring reflection to do our personal and collective work together. I learned greater patience in my body embracing the ideas of Somatics methodology well blended with Yogic philosophy and classic asana. The sense of my posture has improved, and I am able to hold myself well during periods of swift change and distress. I am breathing more steadily, and with more depth, having deeply explored the subtle pathways of Prana in and through the body. As a Jnana Yogi, passionate about learning and a forever student, my discernment and thinking is more sharp and clear. Through practice and new knowledge, I learned to take better cues from my body, and to ‘ride the edge’ of my comfort zone for growth. With generous support, I traversed shadow sides of myself while being held in a community of non-judgemental human beings. 

I am so grateful to have the reflections of fellow truth seekers at Yoga North. Of course we had our interpersonal and collective challenges to navigate. Our fearless teachers, Ann Maxwell and Molly McManus, offered accommodations for all to feel safe, brave, and seen during our 18 months together. I am forever changed from engaging with these teachings, and here to embrace my life path with more ease and understanding. There is really only uncertainty in this life. And it’s best to surround yourself with good company! With increasing wonder and courage, I look to carry on this path of teaching and learning. May we all stay in close connection with those that want to journey on the path of a well-lived life together.  

To continue sharing our teachings and practices, my classmate Anna Wakefield and I have created an online platform for continuing yoga education and practice. You can find us offering multi-week programs for group mind study and weekly body practice sessions online at Satsang Yoga Collective.

Visit the wesbite: www.satsangyogatherapyonline.org

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