3×3 Reasons To Try SomaYoga for Your Core to Pelvic Floor 

1. Relieve or prevent hip + pelvic pain by… 

+Coordinating muscle movement and gaining voluntary control helps to self-regulate 
+Learning to release unnecessary gripping tension
+Knowing what muscle groups may be causing you more stress! 

2. Increase mind-body resiliency!

+Vital organs reside in the mid-low torso, yet its not usually attended to 
+Body pattern awareness can lead us to more efficient energy exchange
+Find weak muscles that the mind has lost touch with

3. Soothe chronic stress that shows up as tension in the body. 

+Slow down to attend to the body
+Feel into the ‘just right’ next move
+Gain vitality with the strength of connection

What is Somatics? 
A practice of releasing and engaging voluntary muscular control.

What is Yoga? 
A practice of connection and increasing awareness of mobility, stability & strength. 

New to yoga practice?
SomaYoga is very beginner friendly, therapeutic in nature, and offers gentle accessible ways to feel more connected to your mind + body. 

Experience SomaYoga at this upcoming workshop…
SomaYoga for Your Core to Pelvic Floor
Saturday, April 2
11:00 – 12:30am Central Time
Register with Wishing Tree Studio
Attend in person or online!

Alison (Ali) Zuba, RYT-500, is a Yoga Therapist in training with the International SomaYoga Institute at Yoga North in Duluth, MN. SomaYoga is a unique methodology that blends Somatics, Therapeutic yoga, and Hatha Yoga. The method helps to address chronic pain and to develop awareness of self-regulation techniques. The practices she offers are gentle and accessible for any level of experience. She is passionate about sharing techniques that help you get out of pain or plateaus, and feel more embodied, happy, and healthy!  

For more opportunities to practice, visit the current schedule.
Visit and connect on Instagram + Facebook + YouTube.

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